iOS Training

Course Duration : 90 Hours

Course Plan

  1. Apple Inc and iOS

    • Introduction
    • Introduction to Apple Devices
    • Brief about MAC OS
    • Brief about iOS Versions
    • Introduction to iOS App development
    • Brief about App Store
    • Introduction to Xcode (A tool to develop iOS Apps)
    • Configuring Tools to start development
  2. Getting started with iOS Programming

    • Overview of C language
    • Introduction to Objective C
    • About Xcode Interface Builder (XIB)
    • Creating your first iOS App
  3. iOS frameworks and Elements

    • Brief about major frameworks used in iOS
    • Introduction to UI Elements
    • Introduction to Graphics Elements
    • Brief about data types
    • Declaring the variables
  4. Designing Application User Interface

    • Creating view controllers and views
    • Developing an UI controls
    • Creating Text Fields,Buttons,Labels, Slider, Switch, Activity Indicators
    • Creating Progress View, Page Controls , Stepper Control, Image View, Text View
    • Understanding Memory management in iOS
  5. Navigation and Data Presentation with Tableview

    • Understanding of Navigation Controllers
    • Working with Tableview
    • Working with Custom Tableview cell
    • Understanding actions in Tableview
  6. Enhancing User Interface

    • Working with scrollview
    • Creating Alert view
    • Managing Alert view Actions
    • Notifications
  7. Application view with web pages

    • Creating web view
    • Loading website in web view
    • Managing web view actions
  8. File Systems and Databases

    • Working with files and Database
    • Brief about SQLITE DB
    • Creating and managing database inside iOS application
    • Saving and retrieval of data
  9. Interaction with web servers

    • Introduction to web services
    • Integrating web services into application
    • Working with web API's and interaction with web servers
    • Handling API Request and responses
    • Handling JSON and XML Responses
  10. Multimedia

    • Working with iOS Multimedias
    • Playing back Audio and Video
    • Accessing iOS Camera and photo library
  11. Multiple Devices compatibility and Testing

    • Handling different apple devices compatibility(iPhone 4,5s,6, 6 Plus and iPad)
    • Debugging in Xcode
    • Unit testing
  12. App Publishing and Monitoring

    • Creating an apple id
    • Understanding the process of app launch in app store
    • Monitoring app performances
  13. Overview of swift language

    • Working with Text Fields,Buttons,Labels, Slider, Switch, Activity Indicators and others using swift.
  14. Apple Guidelines

    • Understanding Apple UI Guidelines
    • Understanding App Store Guidelines
  15. Career Planning

    • iOS Project Work
    • Building a portfolio
    • Preparing for an interview
    • Mock Interview

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